Basia Krol is taking part in Virtual Choir 6! 

I have decided to take part in project for Virtual Choir 6. Eric's music has totally blew me away! It's a wonderful and totally new experience to sing this beautiful choral piece along with the conductor. During Covid19 crisis I think it's very important to stay yourself and unite with other people in music where you learn compassion, empathy and discipline. I am really happy to take part in this and I cannot wait to see the final outcome. For more information about Virtual Choir click here.

"Amor Vincit Omnia" in Parenthood Promo, NBC  


One of our classics "Amor Vincit Omnia" is featuring in this "Parenthood" Promo for NBC. 

Check out the full version of the song featuring the powerful vocals of Basia Krol

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Previous events

FMC - Film Music Contest


Barbara Król's Landscape, violin ensemble piece got to final of International Film Music Contest in Instrumental Music Category as one of the top 7 submissions worldwide!